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Our vocation is welcome you to open arms
and make you feel part of the region and its people


We are Servizi Turistici Sulmona, a social cooperative with the "Mission" to organize tour for sure success.


The program we offer is an innovative one aimed specifically at visitors wishing to rediscover the true essence of travel and exploration and to grasp the real spirit of the places they visit, nourishing their sense of harmony and their search for colour, scenery and the eloquent silences of the region's past.

A year would not be too long to see the whole of Abruzzo. It would allow you to visit this timeless region in each of the seasons and to see the natural scenery that is everywhere and enables you both to see high mountain peaks from the sea shore and to look down from the mountains upon the blue curve of the Adriatic Sea.

We are

SulmonaCity Tourist Office (Ufficio Turistico Comunale), P.zzo SS. Annunziata, Ovidio


Tourism throughout the Abruzzo region


Welcoming visitors, promoting the region, production of tourist guides